About Us


Jerashi Flexible Packaging Co. established in 2015, as an expansion of the Jerashi Printing house which founded in 1993 in Bethlehem.

 After years of extensive market research and development, our management team has found a promising opportunity to fulfill the Innovative Flexible Packaging and Design Solution needs in the Palestinian market which depends mainly on imported from outside, where we seek to be the best full-capacity flexible packaging solutions in Palestine and enter the global market.

 JFP has adopted technologies and capacity to serve the Palestinian small businesses up to huge manufacturers of food and non-food sectors with highest quality and service standards. 

The Mission

"JFP use all efforts, knowledge and experience to provide effective and efficient flexible packaging and design solutions through using the latest technology and global standards to satisfy our client needs and their unique challenges."


The Vision

"Be the best partner choice and the market leader of innovative, flexible packaging and design solutions."


"our products are everywhere. making a huge shield around you and your families, to get a better, easier and safer life. So!!  and as a result! we used the newest technologies and the highest-quality of materials to produce the best products."

ISO22000:2005 & HACCP System

"We worked hard to have the ISO 22000:2005 & HACCP System, to ensure our customer food safety and provide high quality products and service with international standards.”